Website graphics for an exhibition "A screaming comes across the sky". Designed at Metahaven.

Website for an exhibition "The Common Sense" by Melanie Gilligan. Designed at Metahaven.

Exhibition catalog for "All Possible Futures". Design proposal at Stripe SF.

Graphic identity for the contemporary art festival "Survival Kit 6".

Exhibition catalog for "Survival Kit 6".

Exhibition graphics and navigation for "Survival Kit 6".

Book design for "Wooden House" by Zaigas Gailes birojs. Designed with Kirils Kirasirovs.

Wall text for the exhibition "Dissident Futures". At Stripe SF.

Exhibition catalog for the "Dissident Dutures". Designed at Stripe SF.


Signage posters for Sandberg Instituut Open Day. Designed with Florian Mecklenburg and Juliette Lizotte.

Book design for Slavs and Tatars. Designed with Boy Vereecken.

"10 Januaries of Editing". Designed at ArtEZ Arnhem.

Design for Arteritorry magazine "Conversations with Collectors". Designed with Kirils Kirasirovs. 

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